Keynote 2

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Thursday 11 May

Yes I can! – How Learning Something New Can Take You to Strange Paths“,
Ms. Linda Saukko-Rauta
Place: Auditorium
Time: 9.00 – 10.00
Description: These days language teachers – like all the other pedagogical experts – are supposed to learn new ways of teaching and working. Some do that willingly while others keep fighting back. If you’re open to new ideas and tools, you might reveal hidden talents and make your old skills even better. What happened when a language teacher dived into the world of e-learning? In this presentation you’ll hear an inspiring story of a former language teacher who first became an e-learning designer and then a graphic recorder. As an entrepreneur she now does real-time illustrations in business seminars and conferences all over Europe using her teaching skills every day to make things simpler for the audience.