Keynote 1

Monday 8 May | Tuesday 9 May | Wednesday 10 May | Thursday 11 May | Friday 12 May

Monday 8 May

Developing Critical Literacies for a “Post Truth” World,
Mr. Mark Curcher, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Place: Auditorium G00-10
Time: 11.00 – 12.00
Description: Promoting flexibility and autonomy in language learning is an important theme. Indeed, it could be argued that education has an ethical duty to develop literacies that enable autonomy for all learning. This presentation will contend that education is failing to develop critical literacies for the 21st century and this is possibly threatening nothing less than the very foundations of a civic, democratic society. Research is revealing the extent of the skills and knowledge gaps that are allowing the propagation of so called ‘fake news’.  It argues for the inclusion of economic and digital literacies into the core curriculum and considers the form that these literacies may take and the critical skills that need to be developed in our learners. We will also reflect on how technologies both enable and inhibit our evaluation of events and explore some of the steps we can take to improve our critical literacy.